TONY OZ versus SUPER EGO challenge POLL

Discussion in 'Trading' started by candletrader, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. Place your bets in advance of the challenge... fwiw, my (hypothetical) money is on Tony to win...
  2. lundy


    Personally, I would never put real money on either of them, cause they'll probably both come up negative for the day. :D :D :D

    But at least Tony Oz isn't afraid to use his real name on a msg board. So he wins my hypothetical bet money.
  3. Miki


    Super Ego or Super Man?

    I'm wid da MAN!

    Long time no see, candle. Glad to see you again - missed you polls.
  4. Pretty even so far... Tony got a slight lead... but we need more votes to make it more representative...
  5. Let's see the results of this trading month. Last month, the short swing/position traders ruled. Let's see how they fare in a choppy (possibly uptrending) market.
  6. What is the criteria? Gross percentage gain, or gross profit?
  7. will someone print up promotional Tee-shirts? lol:D
  8. Tony is developing a nice lead now.... dgabriel, as regards criteria, thats a good question.... any statisticians have any ideas on this?
  9. TonyOz


    The only way I will win this "contest" is if I learn something valuable that will help my bottom line in the future.

    Otherwise, my hope is that all attendees will learn a thing or two about real-time stock picking, real-time trade planning, and real-time trade management.

    I said it before, and I will say it again, I am really doing this for my own selfish reasons - because I want to learn!

    I knew a guy that uses a similar method to what SE has been posting. He was a profitable trader and a damn good one! That guy simply vanished, and who knows maybe SE is the reincarnation of this great trader I once knew...

  10. My money is on SE not showing up...
    #10     Jul 9, 2002