Tony Oz Stock Trading Course Good/Bad?

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    Anyone have any experience with ordering his cd-roms and whether they are worthwhile? Looks like it's 4 cd's that are 90 minutes each that include video from his 2 day live seminar.
  2. Tony Oz is a quality guy.

    You don't have to adopt his trading strategy but you gotta adopt his market perspective.

    His course is well worth the money.
  3. range


    I went to his free seminar at the Online Trading Expo in NYC last winter. He was quite good. You can attend his seminar at the at the Online Trading Expo in Chicago this month. It seems like he is a regular, so he may do the same seminar in Las Vegas in November and in NYC next winter.
    -- look under RealTick Educational Tutorials
  4. Tony oz trading method is not for biggners, even
    he mentioned it is his book that you need to have
    experiance to apply his methods. He is not scalp and
    intra daytrader. It serves best for swing trader.

    I do not think begginers have to try his method.
    because he do not give you much details for what
    he does and skip many market timing tools, try to
    make it looks very simple based on what price action
    and few indicators only

    Why he do that? because he thinks everyone should
    already know everything on basics and that is why
    he jumps to conclusion.
  5. nkhoi


    good, a beginner uses it successfully, the secret; 15m time frame or higher only.
  6. good, a beginner uses it successfully, the secret; 15m time frame or higher only.

    He talks about 15Min time frame in his trading CDs on segments
    that explain about his six multimonitor screen setup. But he does
    not explain it why? begginers want to know why 5 or 15 minutes?

    and he does not even mentioned anything about timeframs in his
    book " how to make money from wall street".
  7. opw


    I have all three of his books. He really seems like a real helpful and very nice guy, and he IS a great trader.

    Nevertheless his methods are very hard to duplicate, at least they were for me. He uses a few rules he explains, but trading only with those rules will not make you profitable.

    In my opinion great traders like Tony, learn to read the markets, but without actually being able to tell the rules they -more or less- subconsciously apply. Brett Steinbarger (I believe that is his name) has an interesting article on this phenomenon, but I lost the link.

    I learned a lot of his books, and probably his course is very good to, but it will not make you a profitable trader, without A LOT of practice.
  8. Well said opw...

    I have often come to realize that the "edge" is in this
    unspoken market experience guys like Tony have.

    They think its so easy... they explain it in simple terms...
    ... but then you lose money using THEIR rules.

    Why? It's those little unspoken "obvious" things which
    only Tony knows, forgets to vocalize, and has learned
    through very tough personal experience.



  9. I wouldn't pay 5 cents for anything of his. He's a lowlife spammer.
  10. tony oz is legit and provides quality product / information. you will enjoy the cd's.


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