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  1. Can anyone provide feedback on Tony's seminars? I would like to know if what he teaches in these seminars will be what is already in his books or if the seminars will cover a
    lot more topics to make it worth the $1700 that is being charged.
    Any info will be much appreciated.
  2. I attended his $20 seminar he did for DaytraderUSA a few weeks back in California.

    It was only for 2 hrs but definitely worth my time. He had to talk really fast to cover a lot.

    What are you looking to get out of a seminar?

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    I would recommend against it- Tony's seminar fees are just way too high for what he teaches- I mean, you're not going to learn to daytrade from just a couple lousy "group-session" days with a guy behind a podium, even if its Jesus Christ himself.

    I attended a $1500 Oz seminar, and thought it was good, but NO it did not teach me HOW to daytrade. If you really want to learn, youre going to need ALOT of training- I highly recommend attending DAY TRADING UNIVERSITY, and also joining Ken's RealTime trading room- that is the only way I've really learned.

    I am in no way affiliated with Ken or DTU other than the fact that I am a member and I don't know what i would have done without Ken- oh wait, yeah I do- LOSE MONEY.

    I say, save the $1700- but Tony's latest book- read it, and put the rest into the DTU course and especially the live room- its realtime, every day- you just can't beat that. I have heard Ken mention that he doesnt plan on doing the live thing forever, so I'm glad I got in now.

    good luck- its hard to learn

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    Don't start THIS again!
  5. rtharp
    I have been daytrading for over a year now and feel that there is room for improvement in my trading. I understand Tony's methods as discussed in his book regarding trading off support & resistance, but I feel this type of trading does not tell the whole story in today's choppy and whipsawing market. I was just thinking if Tony has anything else to share which was not covered in his books.

    Here we go again! :rolleyes:
  6. tiki
    Thanks for the info - I had already tried out his chatroom but don't feel comfortable with his style of trading. ;)
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    no offense, just out of curiousity, but I'm wondering:

    if you aren't comfortable with Ken's trading style, what is it you hope to gain by attending an OZ seminar? If anything, Ken is clearer and more detailed/specific in his instruction, and he is pretty much a Tony Oz disciple anyway- just extending the same info...

    I've been taught by both, and I've found Tony's information to be great, the first building blocks, etc.. but without Ken to fill in the gaps and details, I'd be lost.
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    I don't want to come off like I'm ragging on Tony Oz- I found his books to be quite helpful in my first learning stages. I found his seminar to be inspiring, but to be perfectly honest, the same info as the new book.

    In my opinion, the live room is like Phase 2 after Tony's basics.. just more detailed, and more "right now" oriented. Learn by seeing, real-life, not abstract situations.

    But you know, there's only so much anybody can show you anyway- you just have to start fiddling around with it. Lose some money. Make some money. If you found something that made you a couple bucks, try to do it again- just for a couple bucks.. then, little by little, build on it.. It's all about getting a sixth sense for stock movements and execution.. reading books wont get you that.

    Being in the room will save you some learning curve time and lessons-hard-learned, but you will eventually need to put on the armor and head out into the arena to get bashed around and hopefully get back up enough times to remain standing.

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    Tony's style is predominately swing trading, Ken is more of a daytrader. Why do you say they are essentially the same?

    PS I dislike these metaphors ..."put on the armor and head out into the arena to get bashed around and hopefully get back up enough times to remain standing."

  10. I am a faithful Tony Oz disciple, having taken his seminar and read both his books. I feel that in particular, if you read his last book "The Stock Trader", you probably won't get as much out of the seminar. I studied with him before that book came out, and the seminar includes a lot of case studies, which is basically what "The Stock Trader" is. I found however, that the seminar was valuable to me in the sense that I got to pick Tony's brain and ask specific questions.
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