Tony Oz - CD Course?

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    Has anybody used Tony Oz CD course?
    Is any additional info to his books?
    Any recommendations?
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  3. I own all three books, the CD course, and the video.

    The video is pretty much worthless. The CD course rehashes much of what is found in the "Take Money From Wall Street" book, and illustrates some of the concepts.

    The first book keeps rising in value so I'm hoping I can sell it along with my Crabel book if I ever get in bad with the mob or something.
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    How is the first book compared to "How to take money from wall street"?
  5. The first book has a very non-book tone to it, written more like an instruction manual of sorts. It was written during the huge tech boom, so many of the graphs and examples show stocks moving from 120 to 250 in very short timeframes. In other words, they are unrealistic for today's markets.

    The second book is a journal, as you probably know.

    The third book is, in my opinion, kind of a second edition of the first book. The only thing the first book has on the third book is that it contains some of the formulas for his scans he now sells.

    I have read the reviews on Amazon in the past and have found them to be pretty good for the most part, so I'd suggest referring to them for more info.

    Hope this helps,

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    The reviews are all positive so that doesn't help much. Negative reviews give me a better feel for a book but there aren't many here. So what are you trying to say richtrader??:confused:
  7. are you Merc?

    I enjoy reading books about the market. I've never attended a seminar or course or spoken in person to anyone about trading or strategies. I learn best from books. This board has been the only contact I've ever had with other traders.

    That being said, I would not say that one book is the foundation to good trading. I would say that reading the last Oz book is definitely worthwhile if I were to pick one out of three. I would combine this with actual trading experience, and continuous reading of other trading books every single day. But I am big into constant self-improvement so this may not be for you.
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    Thanks richtrader for clarifying, and no I am not "merc":)

    I have Oz's first two books but I think I will pick up this third based on what you've said and the positive reviews. Thanks again.:)
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    Can you tell me more about CD course, is it worth buying it?
  10. The CD course is the equivalent of listening to a book on tape or watching a movie instead of reading a book. However, in this case of non-fiction, there are advantages to this as imagination isn't as necessary.

    The material in the CD course is quite similar to the material in the book and I don't remember learning anything new, except for one thing. He draws lines on his charts for stops and targets which is a helpful technique I adapted for my own use. I don't remember reading this anywhere in the books. The rest of it was reinforcement, as most books become after a while.

    You can always buy it and then sell it on ebay.

    Hope this helps,

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