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  1. I have attempted (with the exception of paying $300 for a used book on amazon) to purchase Tony Oz's books. I e-mailed and was told that they receive 50 to 100 inquires A MONTH regarding obtaining his books. I must be missing something. Does anyone know the story here? I seems obvious to me (so it must be wrong) that an additional printing is warranted. Can I borrow someone's? LOL:confused:
  2. All his books apart from Stock Trading Wizard seem to be available at regular prices. Stock Trading Wizard is available, used, on Amazon for $150. I don't think that price is going to be reduced much so you could always resell it for the same price (if not more) after you've read it.
  3. Have you tried your local library?
    Seattle Public Library has all of Oz's books.
  4. FWIW Oz is okay, but you can get about the same info from a good market psych book and good ole Trader Vic's book.

    There are certainly no big secrets worth shelling out big bucks, or stressing over.

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    pirating other people's works is against the law, and not ethical "nuclon" ..

    good thing Baron can track all IP addresses of posters, and we can report to the police (which I do).

  7. to get in trouble over a bunch of garbage
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    I have all three books by Tony (one is autographed!):p