Tony Crabel book $375 obo

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  1. selling a copy of famous Tony Crabel book, Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout. Excellent condition, no dust jacket, no markings of any kind.
  2. first decent offer will get it
  3. $1.50 if it's a signed copy. :D

    All of his techniques are dated, man.

    Get real.
  4. Not only is it dated, it is on the net for free.
  5. is this surf selling stuff again?
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    Is Tony Toby's brother or something?
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    Try putting it on eBay. I see a few there from time to time at much higher prices.
  8. Just a very small amount, if you had the book you would know that. As for being dated, I would beg to differ because its not a system its a way of thinking about types of patterns and probabilities in trading them. Jeff Cooper and LBR still employ some of his strategies today.
  9. LOL!
    Gold! :D
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