Tony Blair to set UK troop pullout timetable for Iraq

Discussion in 'Politics' started by a529612, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. I think it is a handy catalyst!

    IMO The problem with the war in Iraq is that the "facts" were invented and twisted to justify it. No matter how many O'Rielly's and Hannity's there are, you cannot 'spin' this lunacy for very long without looking like an idiot or someone beholden to some wierd ideology.
  2. The Big Bang did it!


  3. Naaaaw.....couldnt have.

    So, william is the golden boy, but second in line to the throne is elligible to have his ass shot off, and poor pot smoking nazi fancy dress wearing harry is for the bullet.

    With a rule like that, you wonder why he played up a bit?
    Not discrediting the military training the brits do, its very thorough.

    And retarded, if you know much about british military history, and the role of gentry officers, in sending their prole, cannon fodder underlings over the top while they sip gin and smoke cigars in london.

    Ooops, did i say that?

  4. Doesn't Blair know that by giving a time table he is "emboldening" the enemy?

    I wonder if Blair ever repeated the Bush mantra to the Brits:

    "If we don't fight them over in Iraq, we will be fighting them in the streets of the British Empire."

    Wait, did I just hear a republiklan call Poodle Boy a "Cut and Run" Limey?