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    Tonight the College NC features the Fla Gators vs. the OKL Sooners. The Crew from the Swamp are favored by 5 with the line likely to move higher by game time. The over/under is 69.5. The public is heavily tilted towards the Gators and the Over.

    Now a little nugget I'd like to share with you all.
    The 2000-2001 NC featured the same Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida State Noles. In that season both teams had nearly identical high scoring seasons as this years teams. The #1 ranked team from Florida was a 7 point fav and the public was heavily tilted towards FSU and the OVER.(Just like this year)
    The final score that night was 13-2 Sooners. One more interesting side note. It was also a Presidential year with a new incoming Prez. I see the same set up this year. Therefore, I'm going
    SOONERS and the UNDER.

    Good luck Fellas if you are inclined to bet on tonights game, or if you'd just like to fade a major market imbalance. It makes watching them way more fun. :D

    Rennick out:cool:
  2. There is no NCAA Championship game tonight. There is a game that FOX NEWS cannot broadcast to save their lives. OSU and UT were a puke fest. One more shot of Colt's parents and Fox should die a painful death.

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    Gators 30 Sooners 21.... peace
  4. Are you making a predication or are you rooting for the gators?? Hurricane man for gators???????
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    I would not bet on the winner for this game, but the under seems like a no brainer.
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    Well it's looking like you might have made me ten bucks on the under Rennick.
  7. This game blows

    I'm doing some work
  8. Two thoughts.

    1) Fox sucks at college football games.

    2) Tebow...bless his ever loving heart is Dan Kendra with a better arm (slightly).
  9. If I hear one more time that Stoops and Meyer grew up an hour apart in Ohio I'm gonna shoot my TV
  10. Cummon Gators!

    Jeezusfreakinchrist what a game... :(
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