Tonights movie.....ENDGAME!

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    Do you make any posts that don't reference Alex Jones or

    Enough already - take a break.
  2. Shut up dude....the movie is on!!!

    BTW, make sure your damn cell phone is off too!!

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    This guy is so rude that he feels he has a right to post 10-15 threads on the forum without regard to others' interests !

    This guy claims to be trained as an Army Ranger and yet he has zero disciplne and even less class... and tells people to shut up like some child!

    He is an ARMY OF NONE!
  4. I know you LOVE to spend your time bitching about when are you FINALLY going to do something to inform the citizens of this GREAT country??? The INFOWAR is a 24/7 job, so get off your obama supporting a$$ and start to do something actually constructive. If you don't like this countries current realities then you have two choices.....go hide in your closet, or go take action!

    LEAD, FOLLOW, or get the HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!

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    This threads got plenty of stars and lots of views.

    I suggest the whiners STFU and return to licking Obama's ass.

    Good dogs.
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