tonight--the future of rock n roll

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  1. tonight on david letterman, perhaps the greatest rock n roll band on earth---- TSOOL . tune in and witness the future of rock.

    i am long TSOOL ! make me some money, baby !!!

  2. bronks


    Now if you had meant T.S.O.L., I would've agreed with you. They were arguably one of the best bands ever; in the punk genre anyways.

  3. bronks,

    i concur. true son's of liberty were a great hardcore band. i think i saw them with minor threat in 1983.


  4. bronks


    Hey surf--

    I see you have good taste. Where did you see them at? I used to be in a band that used to open up for them and Social D., Tender Fury, Gherkin Ruckus, and the likes. Are you from O.C.?


  5. cool, bronks. yeah, i cut my hardcore teeth ( so to speak LOL) at the electric banana in pittsburgh, PA. almost every band of note has played there at one time or another. i know social d, but have not heard of the other groups you mention. i was into DRI, goverment issue, white flag, black flag, underdog etc.--- and many of the straight edged skate board bands of the mid to late eighties.

    nice to meet you !

  6. surf, I'm starting to see a weird side of you...

    You're an extremely obsessive man... kinda scary...

    LOL... anyways back to Final Fantasy...
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    Those were just some of the other bands playing the same clubs as us at the time in Orange County, CA. Those were some very fun times!

    There's got to be something said about older (notice I didn't say ex-) punk/skaters who've turned to trading... trouble is I don't know what <GGG>. Talk about selling out to the Fascist establishment. :D

    Have a good weekend,

  8. very funny, bronks. to me it's all the same-- trading and business give me the freedom to do what i want, when i want, how i want. i never sold out to the "man". LOL !! remember the mag--"maximum rock n roll " ?? i miss the scene !



  9. hi gann,

    you are the obsessive one ! LOL. yeah, when i like something, i really really really like it. but there are not many things i like.


  10. LOL... I agree... I'm still taking martial arts and Hip-hop dance classes because I don't have much things I like... Well, there's woman but I don't have the looks and the mojo to be a pimp...

    Hey, at least I can kick ass and rip the dance floor... still don't get to pimp...
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