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  1. I've been up since 2 a.m. so hopefully this will not ramble too badly. I've been in the industry for over 30 years as a professional trader and am quasi-retired but will never fully quit. I created a set of algorithms over the decades, one of which calcs tomorrow's most probable prices, both to the upside and downside. They are not Price S/R levels and are not dependent on previous price congestion areas. They are valuation calculations on each individual stock within the index, then taken aggregately to get a final index number to which the market ought to most probably reach during the next upcoming day. Typically there are one of two results. Price action will either run fairly directly to the precalculated level and move off of it, or it just hangs for a decent while before moving to the next/other level.

    Second, I only have a general idea which direction the market will move the next day; haven't reached god status yet. However, by the premarket and most certainly very soon after the opening bell, I run a proprietary internal strength algorithm that helps determine the relevant levels, thereby ignoring the rest.

    Attached is a chart of the price targets which I will be posting each day on a new website I've created. It's permanently free for members of Elite Trader. At some point I may have to close that door, but I want to make my site available to as many as possible at this time. This is a new venture for me, and it's actually up and running, but I need to change the landing page to have a promotion code text box which I'm creating specifically for our Elite Trader members. Just enter "Elite Trader" or "elitetrader" in the Promotion Code text box and you'll have a permanent, free membership, but please wait until Monday, as I'm pretty sure the subscription box will be created by that time. We are a sponsor for Elite Trader (The Exchange). Just go to and you'll come to the landing page.

    For now, I'm posting this cash chart of the S&P. This morning, prior to the market, I posted a thread in the ETF forum to a request for today's prices which you see in the chart. Prior to today's opening bell I specifically eliminated the upper targets and concentrated only on the 3 lower price levels and threw in the 1210 for hoots, just in case the market decided to get frisky, which it did.

    I love this business.
  2. I attached a chart but I don't see either it or an icon leading to it. Tomorrow's cash S&P price levels are:

    Today's relevant prices were:

    Sorry about that. I'll try again.
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    Thanks for your effort.

    I watched FAS price target you provided for yesterday and today, they are amazing.