Tomorrow's Econorama vs. Spikeorama

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trendy, Mar 13, 2003.

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    We've got Producer Price Index, Business Inventories, Industrial Production and Consumer Sentiment tomorrow. Any thoughts on how these reports are likely to affect the market? Sell-off or continued ramp? :confused:
  2. Well, I am looking into my crystal ball and it tells me that we will probably do just what you said, sell off or go up. Let me throw in a third option, go sideways. Also, be aware at 5:36, 9:37, 11:18, and 1:16. My crystal ball also tells me there will be good trading opportunities at these times, either, up, down, or sideways.
  3. ZBEAR


    YES !!!
    It might go up.
    It might go down.
    It will in all probability go to the Right !
    It "Will Not" - I repeat, Absolutely "Will Not"....Go to the Left !

    Unless you are trading from China
    ...........whereas all bets are off !
  4. Since Iraq surrendered today, I think the market will keep going up.
  5. Up, but maybe not so large a rise as today. (Gaps in the broad indexes are almost never reversed on the following day.)
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    Speedracer, Zbear, and Abducens a/k/a Larry, Moe and Curly
  7. What I like most (except the income) is who cares which way the market goes - all it needs to do is go somewhere and there will be profits!

    As far as where "somewhere" is, I'll wait for the market to tell me- then act.
  8. in the past, the day after a straight up day has been pretty full of fakeouts.

    but in this market, who knows? good news will surely (well, most likely) be seized upon... the question is, will bad news be faded?

    and what of mixed economic news...

    and then there are the rumor-mongers...

    and then the possibility, however remote, of real news...

    when the floor is in control of the order flow (i.e. no orders or a bunch of orders left over from today), they can be pretty brutal. if there is enough geniune new business, it could be a nice tradeable day.
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    I agree that good news will likely be seized upon by the bull camp, but if the news is mixed or unfavorable does the consensus then become that this is nothing more than a counter-trend, bull-trap rally, and thus, sell-off? My guess is that it does.
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    Yes, I quite agree (however REMOTE. . . . . )
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