Tomorrow's Chart Today-Part 2

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  1. When they come back at you that strong take the small loss. I thought for a moment they were going to be able to sustain a move up but that changed quickly. I personally won't take a trade so late in day when the market is moving strongly in one direction. If I had and they took out 77.25 I would be gone. This is why I said earlier I have respect for these markets, trend traders, etc.
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  2. ES Chart 6/21/16. I have turns at 0930 1200 and 1400 today.
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  3. 0930 was an inside bar on the 30 minute, so it was likely that until the bottom of 0900 was broken would there be a willingness to buy the market. But of course then the trend traders thought they would capture a big down move and they continued to sell every pop up while 0930 turning point or contrarians were buying every dip down. Not until the 1100 Q peak broken sequence came into play are we seeing a little more buying but gridlock still remains. I guess Yellen is testifying but once again I could careless.
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  4. If we could see a strong move through 79.50 we likely will have a confirmed 1200 Turning Point Low. However there's nothing to like about today's market. 1200 makes a low but finishes at the top of it's range. Some will be trying to sell it.
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  5. Popped up and now rolling back down into 1400. Haven't made a dime today but haven't taken a loss either. Take those break even trades, don't let the market hand you a big loss. Will go long at 1400.
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  6. what is trading @ 1400?
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  7. If it breaks 77.00 I'm out
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  8. 5 point target, if it trades above 84.50 I'll take profit. Too soon to put in a break even stop.
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  9. what a clueless ahole
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  10. Stop to 78.00
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