Tomorrow's Chart Today-Part 2

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    After years of attempting to determine direction I found only moderate success, maybe hit or miss is a better way of describing it. But one aspect that kept manifesting itself was the data's ability to show me when the big moves were going to occur. Since then I have discovered that is far more valuable. By taking the Max and Min from certain data sets these could be isolated and easily spotted. e.g take for example this past Friday:


    or sometimes they can be spotted within the two day forecast in this example that occurred on 2/28/17 and 3/1/17.


    or it could be seen on a 1 day forecast for 3/1/17


    Or how about the sell off then recent rally in Gold...check out the Daily from 10/2 to 12/29/17:


    These will be the only types of data I will look for and trade in 2018. Have a Happy and Safe New Year!
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    The following is a representation or reflection of the next 2 days 30min ES price and volatility chart. I prefer to look at these charts as price or volatility increasing or decreasing. Sometimes on price charts during counter trend moves the market will move sideways, then take off when the trend resume's. The 2018 Weekly for the British Pound was posted earlier in another thread.

    upload_2018-1-28_21-7-11.png upload_2018-1-28_21-7-48.png
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    Here are recent algorithms I have been working with. Actually I am very satisfied with them. Looking at them as to whether price or volatility is increasing or decreasing is best. Sometimes sideways movement is indicated by counter trend indications on the price chart, otherwise movements up or down have been very consistent. Here is the ES Price and Volatility charts for the Daily from 1/1 to 3/30.
    upload_2018-1-29_8-46-34.png upload_2018-1-29_8-47-13.png
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    Jack Hershey lives!
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    As indicated by this chart you can see that volatility will start to decline again, and especially in March. One would have to go to the intraday charts to find the volatility as the daily forecast shows the beginning of a decline in volatility. The sequences will show you the price swings, an example has been provided with explanation.


    Black arrow indicates where the beginning of a new swing begins. In this case sequentially higher valley data points. Works the same way if the valley data points were sequentially going lower. Price goes in the same direction during these sequences until the end (Red arrow). Sometimes the market continues after the sequence ends until the next sequence begins, sometimes not.
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    Bonds Weekly for 2018. Looks like we're close to the bottom for the year.

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    Here is the Bonds Daily chart. This also helps explain why the beginning of the move up and the Weekly indicating the end of the move down. Of course Bonds will still face off with trend traders stepping in to sell them off again. But for the most part over the next few months more money will be made to the upside.

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    This is the 30Min Bond Chart for this past Friday (3/16/18) and for Monday (3/19/18). The sell off was expected on Friday and you can follow along to see how this will play out on Monday.

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    This chart forecast volatility for the 30Min Bond charts on 3/16/18 and 3/19/18 of the previous post. I look for the larger areas (between the valleys of data points) and peaks within those areas to make an assessment of when volatility will increase or decrease.

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    Here is Crude Oil Weekly data for 2018.

    upload_2018-3-19_21-17-41.png upload_2018-3-19_21-21-28.png
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