Tomorrow's Chart Today-Part 2

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  1. Why did the market turn back down? The answer was given by the broken sequences and conditions of adjacent 30 Minute Q's. The information is described for you. But when the aspect of adjacent Q's was satisfied and it got near the 5Min Lower Bollinger Band someone bought it.
    After you make adjustments in your thinking you will find this to be pretty simple for all the complexities involved. And remember there are always the Trend Traders, Scalpers, Market Makers, Bollinger Band Buyers/Sellers, Stochastic, RSI, and Astrology folks still doing what they do and I respect them.
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  2. We have a Q Valley broken sequence at 1500, but we also have a broken sequence on both Sym Peaks and Sym Valleys occurring adjacent to each other. A Sym Valley at 1500 and Sym Peak at 1530. This will determine the next move in the market. We have a very strong Sym tangent at 1530. Our 1130 Low has held up at this point in time.
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  3. The attached Q and Sym Tangent Charts.
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  4. Sym Valleys, the broken sequences of 0930, 1130, and 1500 are the intraday High's and Low. Note how the broken sequences of the Q Peak at 0930 and Q Valley at 1500 (remember Q's are about completing symmetry) overlap by 1 tick. On the Daily 6/15 was a Q Peak broken sequence, and 6/16 was a Sym Peak broken sequence. Note the Daily price behavior because of it. Could care less about the Fed meeting. At this point no new intraday positions would be initiated, although I wouldn't be a surprise if they reversed off of 1530, or at least tried. Not enough leverage or movement to trade overnight although it still works the same. Have a good weekend!
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  5. ES_Crude_Bonds_Charts for 6/20/16. Based on the information provided see if you can determine where the tops, bottoms, or significant turning points will be.
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  6. Look at Friday's 8:36 pm post. Today ES Sym broken sequence Valley at 1030 and Bonds Sym broken sequence Valley 1130. They are on the charts I uploaded Sunday evening. Trading with 5 point targets on the ES you're out, it was an obvious sell at 1030 and obvious buy on the Bonds at 1130. Still in the Bond Trade, but you would have a break even stop now.
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  7. Same thing with Crude Oil...It's Sym Valley sequence was broken at 1030, it was a reversal buy. If it hits 50.00 you're out and you would have a break even stop in at this point.
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  8. You're out of the Bonds on a break even stop. Would I be surprised if they take the Bonds back up, not at all. But have a plan and stick with it. You could move your stop up on the Crude trade and take cents if it gets hit, otherwise leave the break even stop in and go for 50 cents.
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  9. When does the next ES Sym Valley broken sequence occur? 1530, which should be the low from the 1030 Sym Valley High.
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  10. ES should reverse at 1530 or at 77.25
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