Tomorrow's Chart Today-Part 2

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  1. EST Time Zone for all intraday forecasst. To answer your other question:

    Say there are consecutive higher peaks or it could be valleys of 98 105 110 92, 92 breaks the sequence and is a turning point. Or say if you have consecutive lower peaks or valleys of 68 52 12 18, 18 breaks the sequence and is the turning point. Hope that helps.
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  2. That does help, would love to get a chart for tomorrow.
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  3. Attached is the ES File for 6/17/16. Look at the rules for finding turning points in the reply to trackstar and read the information in the attached document.
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  4. On the ES Chart for 6/17 a Q Peak at 0930 and Sym Valley at 0930 broke their sequences and were turning points. Since Q was involved 0900/0930 had to be assessed as I described and it was a top, so a sell was in order. Now you have these Q tangents (not written about yet) involved at 1030 and 1130, with 1130 being the strongest and as described with Q they are about completing symmetry, so since 1000 was down 1030 could be a reversal back up, or it may stagnate here, because trend traders aren't going to want to let go of the initial sell off. 1100 will set up what 1130 will be.
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  5. The market reversed up during 1030 until it got within 1.25 points of the open and the trend traders moved in and began selling the market again when it got above the 5min Bollinger Band at 66.75. They sold it hard.
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  6. During the 1100 30min time frame the move up and then back down appears to have set up for an 1130 low. 1130 is a Sym Valley broken sequence and turning point. But I do expect volatility to be much less after 1130
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  7. A long at 1130 was good and now the worst case scenario is a break even, or if you can tolerate some pressure, it's still a good long unless it breaks 52.00 The target is typically 5 points depending on your fill and market conditions. Definitely cover between 59.00 and 59.50. Always trade with targets, which is a good exit strategy. So if you recognized the 0930 High and this 1130 low turning points you've had a good day. I see the trend traders tried selling the 5 minute moving average Bollinger Band, which is to be expected. Market Makers and Scalpers do have their impact too but they typically do not stay in the market very long. Target easily hit and I am done for the day. Enjoy your weekend.
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  8. I should make mention that there are other broken sequences today but I'll let you find them to observe what they cause to happen. Sequences can be long or for a short duration, also this can be done for any time frame, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, intraday, etc., and for any market.
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  9. define "sequence"
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  10. Consecutive numeric Higher Peaks or Valley's, or consecutive numeric Lower Peaks or Valleys. An example is given in another response to trackstar. Hope this helps.
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