Tomorrow's Chart Today-Part 2

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    Attached is a weekly forecast made for Gold in December of 2015 for the 2016 current year. This type of forecast can be done for any market or time frame as long as the data is available. The key to following the data is in following the sequences of Peaks or Valleys of the data points. You will see how some Q and Sym Peak and Valley segments are aligned and how some are not. You will see how some confirm each other, others are overlapped. Follow along and see if you can determine the future swings or why the market may have turned when it did.

    I have given you little information so do not attempt to trade this data and there is no guarantee you can ever make money trading, as a matter of fact you can lose it all and then some. Also the data is not optimized in any way, it is what it is, and of course nothing is perfect. Will I be answering questions that you may have, very few and only if I feel they have merit. Please don't be offended if I don't answer your question.

    Just a quick note, I am a one man shop so please respect that. I want you to see what competition you are up against and the sophisticated algorithms that have been developed over time. If all goes well, (no nonsense will be tolerated in this thread, as this is about the data, not about myself or anything else) and if time or conditions permit I will post more. Also I will reveal more about the data. Do I have numerous stocks, commodities, currencies, indices, and bonds, including daily and intraday forecast sure I do. Let's just start and go from here.
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    What's Q ? What's Sym ?
    What's the independent variable ?
    How does a sequence becomes broken ?
    How does a new sequence actually begins ?
    I don't see any meaningful relationship.
    Can't find any meaningful pattern.
    I am not good at forecasting.

    However I know that forcasters need :
    Singular as well as distributional data set.
    Half is missing so A Priori it's bad forcasting.
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    Crude Oil 30 Minute on Friday 6/10/16.
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    Well there you go.... CLEAR as MUD. We need one of Staples "That was easy" Button.

    Thank you for this waste of space
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    This is garbage.
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    Tried to find Part One but it's missing.
    Got to tell me what numerical system you use.
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    Crude Oil 30 Minute 6/13/10
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    ES 30 Minute 6/13/16...Review file
  10. What time zone is this supposed to be read in?

    Can you define what a sequence is and the qualifications of a sequence break?
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