Tomorrows action

Discussion in 'Trading' started by CollegeTrader, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. I think a pull back to 900 is a possible buy based on current price action. my assumtion is with the recent selling people are going to want to put money into the market after todays holiday. i have various support levels in the 900 area however if we break 900 i see an easy short to 888-882 level with consolidation. Whats everyones opinion?
  2. I think a daily chart would be the best chart to look at in order to speculate whether the market will be up tomorrow or not.
  3. charts


    Obviously it depends of what and how you're trading ... :)
  4. Daily chart
  5. On the daily in Nov. we have 2 red daily bars (11/5, 11/6) followed by a rally up to the 10 day moving avg. Now todays action we finish almost identical to the previous 2 red dailys with todays red day closing mid way (possible hammer?) . So if history repeats we shall see a green day.
  6. bullish harami candle indicates sp500 1200 by year end, most reliable indicator i've ever used in my life.
  7. i try and start a useful conversation and i get this.