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  1. I don't make many predictions but anyone that use to know me back when I lived on Mulberry Street will tell ya that I am pretty good in predicting things. Heck, I even told my uncle, Dominic (The Wallet) Sergo, to be careful cause he was making people mad. ( May The Good Lord look after his soul)

    Anyways, this is what I have to say about tomorrow.

    IF the market carries over the selling and IF the market is selling off into tomorrow afternoon, be prepared to BUY in the afternoon up until closing cause the market is gonna stage a dramatic comeback if it does continue Selling Off.


    Now, the reason the selling will NOT continue is it is all to easy...everyone and their brother has been calling for a correction so the drops this past week has been right on call which as we all know, must lead to bullshit....

    Too easy this selling has been I tell ya..
    Be prepared to:


    So says me, Handsome.
  2. Are you really this guy?:

  3. You must see an eye doctor cause you need glasses. :D
    Does that person look HANDSOME?
    Hell NO
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  6. Guy rule #1 : Never comment on another guy's looks.
  7. Domincic was a good guy. Buy like the fuckin%g guy told you to now.
  8. Neet


    My dad taught me that all guys are ugly.
  9. Dads do that if you act like a fag when you're a kid.:D
  10. S2007S


    Your not expecting new highs next week are you??

    Its obvious we will get those oversold bounces, we saw these type of triple digit bounces back in May and June, however these bounces are meant to SELL OFF any long position that you may have bought at DOW 12786.
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