tomorrow we go down some more

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    follow me this time damn it
  2. Any day this year I want to see CURBS IN!!!!!!!

    Bulls bring that whore of a DOW up tomorrow as usual on these "dips":mad:
  3. Dont care either way, I wont be trading that kind of move, but I wager the bargain hunters move in tomorrow and rip some shorts a new one. Going short this late = bad idea most of the time.
  4. I call it shortsqueezeophobia. Long black candlestick down, you pop open the champagne bottle and the next morning stock gaps up on zero news, then roars to new highs. These dark pool operating deep pockets are masters of pavlov conditioning.
  5. This late? Uh, you mean 1% off the all time high? Yeah, way late if you think there's a correction in store. :p
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    look damn it, I am the one who told you buy on Tuesday

    I told you short on Wednesday

    damn it short tomorrow as well

    follow me or be square

    (take that Jack hershey, you got competition now you old fart) :eek: :p
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    That is far too direct. If you want a loyal following on this forum you will have to develop a mystical air of superiority and make your prognostications vaguely ambiguous. It also helps if you use big words inappropriately. :D
  8. From open to close SPY dropped 225 pts.

    Lets see, only 9 days ago, it dropped a similar 250 pts, and rallied almost 250 pts over the next two days.

    So yeah, it was too late to short then, and could be too late to short now.

    The prev big drop was on 5/24 and the next day was UP

    Previous to that the 5/10 drop, and the next day was UP

    Previous to that was 4/30, and the next day was UP

    Previous to that was 3/13 and the next day was UP

    Previous to that was 2/27 and the next day was UP

    see a pattern yet? So yes, I say its probably too late too short now. Given this is the market, I could just easily be wrong, but the stats are not in favor of shorting if you go by the latest pattern

  9. And don't forget to lugubriously employ the Chomskybot!
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    sheeple please, you do not understand how money works

    you see money is like a box of feces, you take it, you swirl it, and you make a lemonade. sooo NICE :)
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