tomorrow - ST. Valetines day massacre

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  1. tomorrow will be the st valentines day massacre. i predict a bad jobs report and a quick resumption of the downtrend. lons may need valium.
  2. imho a bad jobs report could be good because it allows for more cuts. a very good jobs report is good because it means we may be bottoming in sentiment.
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    yea more rate cuts is great.....

    more inflation....
  4. right now inflation could be good because one of the markets greatest fears is deflation.
  5. There's no inflation!
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    hope that was sarcastic....

  7. forget inflation/deflation and rate cuts, focus on how you're going to make it huge in Capitalism 2.0. Capitalism 1.0 is going down in flames, run up huge debt while you can, it will all be written off as bad in the demise, free assetts for the stupid!!
  8. he is always sarcastic...:D
  9. Market expects the Fed to cut to 2.0/2.25% by the end of the year. Any (moderate) uptick in inflation and higher 10y/30y treasury yields would be a good sign as to expected future growth.
  10. Not always :) But a lot...

    I certainly was that time.
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