Tomorrow Night - Better than MNF - Ron Paul in 1st place!

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  3. Tomorrow night will be awesome.

    It seems the real kicker is polling methodology. Amongst GOP registered voters, Paul is in 3rd (18%). But amongst independents and democrats who are expected to caucus, he's at a commanding 30%!! That's the whole key to his strength. If those independents and democrats come out for Paul, look out. Good chance says the independents do. Maybe half the democrats. Looks very promising.
  4. I remember months ago when I posted Paul had support from democrats and independents such as myself ET righties thought I was nuts

    I saw on Hardball last week Matthews mentioned a poll that showed 51 % of Paul supporters were non republicans

    I hope he wins tomorrow night

    Paul 2012 !!!!!!!!!!
  5. :) Democrats have a big reason to support the guy - Anti-War, Anti-Drug War, Pro-Liberty. The downfalls include (from a left-wingers perspective) a reduction in the welfare state, but that's at the Federal Level. If a California or New York wants to legislate a Social Security or Medicare program at the State level, they can. That's the beauty of it.

    If Paul can grab nearly 10% of the vote from independents and democrats in early primary States, wow. That would put in him in front-runner status with Romney for the nomination.
  6. +1,Thats why I do
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    I personally know of my friends who did vote for obama over half have switched to Ron Paul - they see the light and will not vote democrat again - this is happening everywhere. Ron Paul is strong with Indies and middle ground socially conservative democrats - much of the Reagan voting base - other than typical republicans. ;-)
  8. I noticed candidates traditionally pander to the extreme of their base, capturing moderates along the way. But that strategy polarizes the Country between the radical left and right-wing agendas (welfare-state, warfare state).

    Paul is just the opposite: he attracts the moderates from all ends of the spectrum (Indies, Dems, Repubs). Coalition building, he calls it. This is why neocons and welfare queens hate Paul (the extreme right and left, respectively). Everyone else is rather open to his policies. That encourages me because media often depict voters as centrist.

    If Paul won the nomination, voting behavior in the general would turn on it's head. The far left and right (neocons) would vote for the Democrat, Obama. And a big chunk of moderate Democrats, Indies and moderate Republicans would vote for Paul. Basically, it would fracture the political spectrum and redefine the paradigm as Freedom (centrist) versus Huge Government Statism (extremist).
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    I can see some logic in some of the points you bring out. Dr. Paul winning in Iowa will be exactly what America needs - his message needs to be brought forward and winning Iowa will help to reshape the focus of the 2012 Presidential election - I say amen to that!
  10. Cheers to that :) Lets hope Rons' dems and indies come out in droves
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