tomorrow, market could 'overlook' today asia stuff and look to fill Fridays GAP

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  1. could be a none out shorts...
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    I need some of what you are drinking LOL.
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    DOUBT IT - Things look pretty bad out there...
  4. you seriously think we FOLLOW asia/europe...NO...their selloff was following our friday...
  5. Yes....where have you been the last several years? The US markets have clearly lost their leadership position.

    And how do begin to explain this massive world-wide sell-off based on Friday's US performance (Dow down .49%)???
  6. dax being down 7+% and FTSE being down 5+% is hardly a non issue. i have no clue what planet you are living on.
  7. a sell trade is then guaranteed?
  8. lol yeah im pretty sure there will be some shorts out there. and im also pretty sure there will be some gap downs to buy.
  9. The FED must act before market opening tomorrow. A 500-600 gap lower opening is going to freak people the fuck out. They won't be thinking about value, they'll be in full on protection mode. Could easily see a 1,000 point down day without action.

    I think it is highly probable that we get a 50 cut pre-market, followed with another 50 on the meeting. In-action tomorrow is not an option.
  10. Sell trades are guaranteed every day, just as buy trades are.
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