Tomorrow Live trades

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  1. Tomorrow I will begin live entries and exits.
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    make sure you understand what you are going to apply / strategy wise /, let us know if you do - that is if you know precisely why it's working , why it has an edge /I assume it does/ what degree it has an impact upon the market / or perhaps you count on the fact that it doesn't? / make sure it's resistant to Simons , Cohen and the likes strategies :)
    now if you are still positive - carry on , brother ! :)
  3. Unfortunately, Simons and Cohen don't work. That's why no successful traders use them.
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    So today is your BIG DAY ..
    Shoot !
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    oh, I missed saxon genetive there, my bad :) I meant Simons and Cohen's - feel better now? still learning..
  6. Why are you so mean to me? What did I do to you? Are you the owner of this forum or something? Have I treaded on your troll bridge?
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    c'mon, man.. where was I mean??:confused:

    I'm just restless, waiting for you trades to come :)

    Did I mention that I like your nick ? True&Honest.. Good one , fits right under 'Educational Resources'.. Now, out of pure curiosity / while waiting for the trades and hopefully with you having nothing against a little small talk , just to relieve stress / - do you grow mustache? I bet you don't.. I would never trust a guy with a mustache especially if he called himself True&Honest :)
  8. BSAM


    Mr. True...

    Do you mean that you will be doing your first trade tomorrow?


    Do you mean that you will post your trades live here on ET?
  9. I mean that my live trades have begun here on E T. However, I don't trade every day, so my live trades so far amount to what's been posted.

    But just hold on, be patient.

    No mustache.
  10. I will post, but I don't post every day.
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