Tomorrow is going to R O C K !

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aphexcoil, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. Man, I wish I had my bonus for tomorrow's trading! Tomorrow is going to be one wild ride. I'd buy ES in the morning and just forget about it -- because it can't go any lower than this!!!
  2. man, if only you'd asked sooner, i would've lent you then money myself..

    ask lundy, maybe he'll agree to put the trade on for ya
  3. mskl


    Why wait for tomorrow? (currently offered at 843.75)

    how can you lose?
  4. m_c_a98


    I thought you said the same thing last week at 900!

    Yes we may go up.......or not, maybe buyers around 833? or maybe not..
  5. We took out all supports today. Psychological supports as well. S&P at 850 ... Dow at 8,000.

    Who is going to chance shorting at these levels? We're due for a good little fake rally tomorrow. Who cares about the put/call ratio.

    We might dip a little in the pre-session ... perhaps up till 9:45 - 10:00 ... but by 10:30, BAM! We're going to make a run for DOW 8,200 and ES 865-870.

    Just watch and learn lads!
  6. Quah


    LOL. As I recall, you were recently wondering who would be so stupid to short ES after hours (Was it over the Labor Day holiday?) and that short ended up being something like a 30 point winner.

    Didn't you learn your lesson about trying to be Mr. Smarty Pants Predictor back then?
  7. Aphie, I only have one thing to say to you.....I hope you lose all your cash dude.

    Ever heard of the book Dow 5000? It's one of my favourites.

    By the way, my broker said to sell all my stocks and buy canned meat and a shotgun. So I guess we should all listen to him...
  8. There is a difference between prediction and knowledge! This is a fact -- if I am wrong and we close lower than today, then I will run down Wall Street naked during lunch time.

    This is going to be exciting!
  9. Quah


    Well, let me be the first to hope that you are right. I wouldn't wish that sort of trauma on the people of New York City. :D
  10. God I hope we go down tomorrow. I remember back in May everyone was saying the same thing, but it kept going down, and down, and.....
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