Tomorrow is GAME OVER for Hillary, UNLESS

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    Primary season over after tomorrow. Obama will get the brass ring and the Merry-go-round ride will be a wrap for Hillary.

    UNLESS......... This is a longshot but not out of the question> OBAMA picks "twisted" one as VP.

    I see a Democrat taking the White House and a few more senate seats. IF (the BIG if) Obama picks Hillary as VP and "THUNDER HIPS" accepts we could have a DEM landslide.

    Stay tuned .. :) This could get interesting.

    Speaking of sports the gals in college world serice for college just thumped Texas A & M in game one.

    Boston Celtics will beat lakers in 6 or 7.. still like Phil though. Should be a great Finals, not a big basketball fan but this is a dream matchup. No one would have bothered to watch if the Pistons were in. Detroit should be bulldozed into the river and given a second try to enter the modern world. Moron automobile car companies insisted on selling gas guzzler gunboats and now are getting their heads handed to them. Lets buy a HEMI, how moronic is that? Ceberas or whatever their name is made a HUGE mistake buying Chrysler. Chrysler will be in history books in less than 5 years.
  2. My thinking is the dems have to give Hillary the nod in order to have Obama win the general.

    They need Hillary's base of whitebread and Latino voters to go with Obama, or he loses badly.

    That said, I fully expect the dems, who have their best chance in generations to reclaim the white house to fuck it up.

    Celtics win if they are physical with Kobe and put him on his ass enough times and clip his wings. Let him go to the line 30 times, but make him pay for each foul shot he gets. Get physical with Gassol and that mental midget Lamar Odom, then they have a shot.

    In a track meet, they lose.

    You know if Pat Riley were the coach of Boston, or Chuck Daly, we would see a very physical effort by the Celtics (like we used to see from Riley's Knicks and Daley's Pistons).

  3. A MacCain / Hillary ticket would give MccCain a sure win.

    With the way Hillary has moved to the middle they would get along
  4. I think Obama goes for the Ohio guy, Strickland.

    Dems MUST win Ohio, or game over.

    As for Mac, not sure, but I hope its Tom Ridge.

    Either of these names I just mentioned as VP would be better Prez picks than OB or Mac imo.
  5. I agree with Mr ZZZZZZZZZZ.Obama has to run with the Hilarybeast

    Obama /Hilary gets over 50% of the women vote,75% of the Jewish vote,75% of new voters/college kids,and 99% of the Black vote.They cant lose together

    It will be 8 years of hell for Obama having to deal with Bill and Hilary,but thats the price he has to pay to win
  6. Arnie


    If Obama picks Hillary he will confirm that he is an idiot.

    No f'ing way.

    Can you imagine what that would mean? Not only would he have to contend with HC, who would probably re-define the vice precidency, but he would get Bill and all that goes with him as a bonus. Hell, he would need a new Cabinet position just to put out all the fires!

    :D :D
  7. The nomination process isn't complete until Denver. No one, including McCain is an official nominee until they're annointed at the convention.

    If Clinton doesn't work out an immediate Veep deal with Obama then I see little impetous for her to concede prior the convention.

    There's too many variables. Time is on HC's side.

    Obama could die.

    An Obama gaffe, relationship ect. could sink his campaign. I already see Obama getting slightly harsher media treatment (on issues, policy, resume) than he did earlier in the campaign.

    And no Z I don't think HC has Latino's "on her side" as much as Latinos reject Obama. Survey USA does a good job of breaking down their polls by race/gender ect and a few trends really stand out.

    1. Obama is doing poorly with Latino's.

    2. Despite the disgruntled HC voters Obama is ON FIRE with women. (a gender gap of 10pts can be expected)

    3. Obama may do worse with Blacks than any recent Dem. It's apparent that many older black voters are repulsed by the whole Black liberation theology thing.
  8. Obsama clinches it.

    Congrats on your new prez, a chain smoking racist.

    No? Dont like that. Then vote for the old man.
  9. don't forget Larry Sinclair... that has yet to play itself out. should be an interesting summer.
  10. Obama can easily count on the black vote.he could join the Klan and still get 99 % of the black vote against McCain

    Hilary only got 10 % of the vote from obama because the Clinton's are /were highly respected by blacks.blacks have no love for McCain
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