tomorrow is a short for me again, and should be for you too

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ex_broker, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. yes I did lose 35% of what my allowed daily loss is, trailing stop helped me out, but

    I am shorting again,

    you can scream 100% room to go up all the way

    I am telling you I don't see strength

    bulls couldn't get it together today, this isn't a great bull day

    this is a last attempt before all hell breaks through and boils our
    fair lands

    what 2012, end is tomorrow :D
  2. TICK got down to -1000 today, that doesn't happen too often
    Yet Tech showed some strength.

    tough environment, imho, best wait for better conditions after the Feds...
  3. oh my GOD, OH MY GOD

    when is the fed AAAAAAAAAAAA

    :D :D
  4. Typically between february-may you get choppy markets, less trendy even trendless. My strategy is to let the market define a range in the next couple weeks and just trade the sideways channel.
  5. Exbroker. I apologize for not joining ur thread. Yes I agree the market will get hit tomorrow. I own the QID and only trade the mini's intraday. I'll be short sometime tomorrow. I'm a wave trader and looking for some traders to network with that are good. I'm a full time trader and like to hear from other full time traders.
  6. you know what live2trade333 THE FACT that you are shorting tomorrow tells me you are good

    so yes lets network and exchange signals every now and then.

    PM me
  7. Mvic


    Tech strength came on heels of Dell remark about thousands of PC sold with Vista, faded quickly. No one is buying Vista in the corporate world and its reviews in the PC rags has not been favorable. Reaction to 95 when it came out was a sell off and think that will be same reaction with Vista.
  8. I'll be looking to buy urbn, payx, rad, hd, aw, and tyc tomorrow.