Tomorrow, gap up and then???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Sep 18, 2008.

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    Looks like were going to gap up tomorrow morning, however does the rally hold, I dont think it does in my opinion especially if there isnt any news to back up the discussion they had tonight with bernanke, paulson and the rest of the people they think can end this crisis.

    So the plan is to buy up billions and billions of dollars worth of assets from banks so they can start to lend again, yep because thats going to to leave us right where it began. These debt securities that they are going to just take off the hands of the banks are so complex financial experts have no clue how they even work. To think a new bull market or strong economy is going to emerge from this step that the government is taking tonight to end this crisis is foolish. So many admit that have no clue what to do in this situation right now, they are just trying anything and everything to settle the markets. Do not think for a moment the ending of this credit crisis is done with, were still 1/2 way through this with plenty more writedowns and bankruptcies to come.
  2. The bear market is over.

    Read that and weep.

    We gap and we keep going higher.
  3. well it will leave the banks with much better balance sheets (so the higher stock prices are justified) and the FED with all the trouble. They will have to print Bonds as cracy to cover all these losses so my advice would be to short bonds. Its in my view right now the best trade.
  4. i'm glad banks will be able to loan the taxpayer the money the taxpayer gave to the bank

    but i guess that's pretty much what the fed reserve has always done with the government

    now, the regular banks can do it with the public

    it's important that we are all in debt, that's why we must wipe bank's debts clean, or they cant put us in debt