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    Good Afternoon Traders,

    The next installment in's Professional Webinar Series is less than 24 hours away. Here are the details:

    Swiss National Bank: The Global Impact of a New Policy Regime Presented By: Don Wilcox, Sr. FX Analyst, Wed, Feb 24th, 8am EST, 1pm GMT

    FREE: Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

    The Swiss National Bank (SNB) and the Swiss Franc (CHF) has been a strategic parameter in gauging abrupt turns in asset prices. Unwinding of the Swiss Franc carry trade in late 2000 was instrumental in contributing to the NASDAQ parabolic rise and fall. The CHF was also a key barometer in fueling the housing/financial crisis in 2007/08 boom/bust cycle in various regions of the globe, particularly in Eastern Europe.

    The 2010 environment again might be set for another combined effect of moving away from zero interest rates quantitative easing measures and prompting another chapter to unwinding of highly leveraged global asset bubbles.

    Join Mr. Wilcox, to discuss the Impact of the New Policy Regime at the Swiss National Bank on the Global Markets. He will go through historics and will invite attendees to join in the discussion as well.

    This exclusive webinar is aimed for advanced Professional Traders. Please feel free to invite friends.

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    Jessica Kurjakovic
  2. How about getting your newsreaders to read the news WHEN IT"S RELEASED instead of 2 minutes later.