Tomorrow FOMC meeting

Discussion in 'Trading' started by madmaxer, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    Does today's PPT rally mean that they are going to raise .25 PT tomorrow?
    I am having a feeling that today’s action is just another shock absorber for tomorrow's bad news..
  2. no, its just thin market trading crap. don't read much into it imo.
  3. 1) Fed Funds futures seem to be indicating "no change".
    2) The market can rally then fall back OR decline and then rally.
    3) The "additional wording" after the announcement will get a lot of attention.
  4. Mvic


    Looking for dovish comments, $ takes a hit and oil surges, stocks take it on the chin. Today was a great shorting opp.
  5. If they go dovish, I'm moving to another country. They'd have to be out of their minds.
  6. That ship has already sailed.

  7. Pack you bags, bank stocks are back near the March lows along with the Dow. Expect a flock of doves. They don't care that 90% of Americans are struggling.
  8. Perhaps. But I'm hoping they start caring now. They're always late to the party, but they get there.
  9. But inflation is a nonissue at 3% :D
  10. piezoe


    There is not a monetary solution. It has to be fiscal. We (the US) are a nation of crises. We are all talk and no action until we are forced to the wall. Then we act. Looks as though we may be starting to think about starting to think about acting at some point in the not too distant future.
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