Tomorrow FED's statement

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  1. On March 28, 2006, Fed will raise bank rate by another 20 base point to 4.75%. The following will be the statement along with the announcement:

    "While FED sees solid economy going forward, the housing market may experience a measured slow-down. FED also sees long term inflation remain benign, although elevated oil price is a concern. FED believes that after 15 times raises, the interest rate has reached a neutral range. The future FED decison on interest rate will be carefully decided based on incoming economic data."
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    Don't you mean 25 basis points? :)

    I'll have to disagree and say we'll be seeing 5.00%, one more hike after tomorrow and were done.
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    Looking at yesterday's bounce in the markets, do we assume that we are still trading an overall bull market (even though observing daily patterns might suggest sideways performance). Are we still strong till we reach 1500 level in the S&P or perhaps the next interest rate increase might determine the top of the market?

    EDIT: 1300 level is holding up quite well at the moment, though the indicators suggest a possible sell off, I am just not convinced that it's going to happen at least until the next IR increase.