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  1. yes, the scientfic method. check your PM box.

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  2. chartie


    Imagine IF that re-released sentence was: “Oops, we meant to raise the FF rate by 50bp, not 25!”

    :p :p :p
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  3. The key word is remain. Which means they see nothing new from he last increase and hasn't bought into the lastest scuttlebutt by the talking heads about how rates were going up to be going up a lot and inflation was here etc.

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  4. Might want to leave your orders on.

    Sometimes the stuff I plan for fomc days has filled that night or next day.

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  5. Tomorrow...Explosive?

    nononsense hasn't seen anything explode yet. Could somebody please tell when it's Tomorrow?

    Trend Finding is Edge Finding and Edge Finding is Trend Finding
    nononsense's axiom
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  6. range


    nononsense, I think you are making a joke above, so I am not being critical of you.

    Regarding forecasts, I think someone like trade-ya, and others like him who have years of experience trading, offer a lot to this board. If he offers detailed, reasoned forecasts, they are worth reading. (Not so one-line forecasts like "the market is going up tomorrow" with no reasoning.) You may disagree in advance of knowing whether the forecast turns out to be right or wrong. The forecaster may turn out to be completely right or completely wrong or something in between. Still, I think those that share detailed reasoning regarding future events offer some of the most worthwhile reading on ET.
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  7. Hi range,

    I'm not really joking, Simply pointing out that there are many kinds of forecasts, like there are many kinds of traders.
    In my experience, it's better to make money with one's forecasts rather than posting them. I never rely on other trader's forecasts.

    Be good,
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  8. nitro


    I am actually predicting a nice up day today for US Stock Index Futurures (SIFs).

    The ECB chose to leave interest rates Unch, same with the bank of Australia. The yield differential now between Europe and the US is beginning to be attractive. This will be reflected in the dollar index and it is worth keeping track of closely throughout the day.

    This, coupled with the big bid for 28M share of GM at 31, and I think the SIFs will catch a bid.

    I liked the way NQ reacted yesterday on the FED announcement.

    Obviously, the number people are keeying on is Emp #s on Friday.

    QM unch this morning. I really like the long side, but I trade SIFs systemically...The SIFs are in a continuation pattern lower on the dailys, and all rallies get sent home intraday. It will take a MONSTER squeeze to get this out of this range.

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  9. nitro


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  10. If I keep bumping the thread to the top, I am bound to be right one day :). One of these tomorrow's my scenario is going to play out perfectly. :)
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