tomorrow 1/17 thursday...HUGE YM,ES,NQ movers...WOW..huge

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  1. Ben Bernanke Speaks! Thursday - Jan 17, 2008

    10:00 AM ET : Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to testify on the U.S. economy, possible stimulus to the House Budget Committee, in Washington .

    Philadelphia Fed Survey
    10:00 ET
  2. Thanks for the heads-up.
  3. only amateurs try to predict
  4. tetuan01


    I predict no rate cut, and the market nosedives after Bernanke's speech.
  5. agreed on the no rate probably soars after Ben gives hint of 1/30 mtg rate todays Biege book stats/specs
  6. Too much doom and gloom for the markets to tank. I just loaded up on YM futures, this should be like taking candy from a baby. :)
  7. Philly is 12 noon i think not at 10 est.
  8. how many contracts?
  9. Div_Arb


    Shall we put you on suicide watch?
  10. yea, it was a HUGE move...huge
    #10     Jan 17, 2008