Tommy Thompson running for president

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  1. Thompson on This Week announced he is running for president. He is a republican and is for universal health care and had a solid argument backing up his position. I like it when a politician uses specifics to back their view on not generalities like most of them do.
    Also didn't use talking points when answering questions which was a pleasant change from what we are used to hearing. I don't know much about the man but he did come across as smart and a straight talker.
  2. TGregg


    Yikes. Stick a fork in him, he's done. Probably won't even make it to the first primary. There's nothing you can say that doesn't put a major chunk of voters against you. "I think babies are cute. . ." and the abortion lobby will abort you. ". . . and so are their mothers" and the feminists will cut off your balls. "Murder is bad" will make the left's eyes fill with murder, and "Murder is good" will put you up for entry in the looney bin.

    The only hope any politician has to win the presidency is:

    A: Be capable of leading the country and convince the rest of the country to follow


    B: Make everybody think that you'll either make no movement on any given issue, or move it slightly in their direction

    A is pretty tough when a sizable percentage of voters listen to Rosie O'Donut, or think that planes should leave wings and a tail sticking out of the ground when they crash (like they see on cartoons). We'd need an Einstein of Psychology and Sociology to pull A off. So that gives us Bs. Plenty of Bs. Not to mention plenty of BS.
  3. I think Bill Richardson is also a good presidential candidate. But I agree Tommy doesn't have a chance and Bill doesn't either. We'll be stuck with inferior choices for president as usual.
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