Tommorrow's Trading?

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    Do you guys think we will be open for trading tommorrow? If not when do you think we will reopen.

  2. (I was before and could again be wrong)
  3. While these considerations are truly incidental compared to the magnitude of the loss of life and implications on the American way of life, I believe the governing market bodies should keep the markets closed at least for a week. The spectre of not just US investors, but more importantly foreign investors selling in droves is quite real. The sense of safety and confidence in US investments has been destroyed, and I don't see how the US markets are going to escape a massive panic freefall, unless the markets remain closed until the chaos and confusion has subsided.

    Either way, it's not as important as being safe, healthy and with your loved ones. May you all be blessed with those gifts.
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    Wall Street to remain closed Wed.

    AMEX, Nasdaq and NYSE remain closed, undecided when to reopen

    September 11, 2001: 4:56 p.m. ET

    NEW YORK (CNNfn) - The American Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq stock market and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) said they will remain closed through Wednesday after Tuesday's horrific attack on the World Trade Center.

    After consulting with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the three major stock markets have decided to stay closed as the fate of many financial institutions and employees remained unknown.

    The SEC said it will announce when U.S. equities markets will reopen on Wednesday.
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    I agree with zboy-keep the markets closed a bit longer to allow some sense of sanity to return--on the other hand Candletrader makes a good point--If opening tomorrow would drop us to capitulation, who knows, perhaps that's best. I live in NYC and am stricken with grief and sadness.
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    Sources of out Germany (XETRA) are announcing that US markets will NOT open tomorrow (THURSDAY).
  7. Thursday Friday - could have short session. How is that germans
    know this ? Is any hint from the exchanges ?
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    09/12 14:12
    U.S. Markets, Closed for 2nd Day, May Reopen Tomorrow (Update4)
    By David Wilson

    New York, Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. government and financial market officials are working to end a two-day halt in stock, bond and commodity trading after the worst terrorist attack in the country's history.

    Stocks didn't change hands on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Market, which never opened yesterday. The government bond market was closed on the recommendation of the Bond Market Association, a group representing domestic trading firms. U.S. stocks and bonds didn't trade in Europe, either.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission, the NYSE and the Nasdaq scheduled a meeting for 2 p.m. New York time to discuss opening markets, said Andrew MacMillan, a Nasdaq spokesman.

    At the same time, the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury, and the association scheduled a conference call with bond trading firms and brokers to discuss opening tomorrow, people familiar with the situation said. They held a similar conference call in the morning, the people said.
  9. On Thursday, the CME and CBOT will be open for trading in all futures contracts EXCEPT equity futures (Dow, S&P, Naz).
  10. DJN: *DJ N.Y. Stock Markets Could Open By Friday: NYSE's Grasso
    (Dow Jones 09/12 16:43:50)
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