Tommorow's unemployment report (3/7/08)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by volcanik, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. volcanik


    I think there will be a huge move in the market depending on this report (just like in January)

    Im looking to make some quick option plays here

    Any sentiments on the report?
  2. bh_prop


    Judging by the unrelenting selling pressure in financials and small caps leading up to said report I would think the report will be interpreted as ugly. All news is bad news when everyone is bearish . . .
  3. may want to do a 'tight' straddle options play on the SPY...anticipating huge move (either way) on the SP500 tomorrow
  4. The bear protection got a hold of the report. They are covering at 1310 spooz now and going long into report. Numbers will be fluffed into a sucker relief rally.:)
  5. volcanik


    Im shorting Goog today with a few Calls on XLF as a hedge in case the unemployment report rallies the market.
  6. Tight?
  7. Ops are already bid up. Do you think you are the only one who expects stat vol tomorrow? Easier money will be made on the other side of that bet, should it work. :)

  8. Negative sentiment overtook lots of positive news today. Anticipation of Fridays unemployment report intensified into late hour selling binges, fear gripped buyers who did not have any reason to jump into the fractured indexes.

    With anticipatory anxiety in a full gear we managed to bring the market down to its knees again. Its been one week of selling binges and all the indexes are way oversold at this juncture. The thing is cooked and burned.

    The only thing left was to pee in the diapers and that too will be accomplished on Friday morning. Hats off to the cowards.
  9. volcanik


    Looks like the pee wasnt as stinky as I thought. However, its only 11 AM (est)
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