Tom Tancredo to launch third-party bid for Colorado governor

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    Tom Tancredo to launch third-party bid for Colorado governor

    Former Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado isn't waiting for the GOP frontrunners in the gubernatorial race to react to the threat he issued last week. Tancredo will reportedly announce his candidacy Monday afternoon, according to The Denver Post.

    Tancredo will launch his American Constitution Party bid at noon local time, The Denver Post reports.

    *Update: Tancredo did not hold a press conference Monday. He did release a one-sentence statement at 5pm Eastern confirming his run: "I am going to seek the nomination of the American Constitution Party for Governor of Colorado."
  2. I think Tom Tancredo just gave Colorado a democratic governor
  3. We already have a DemoCrap governor...

    Tancredo, who characterized Obama as "the most dangerous man in the USA"... will get MY vote. (I still refuse to vote for the "lesser asshole".)

    Tancredo won't win, as Coloradoans and Americans in general are (1) gullible, amd (2) politically lazy and naive... We get nearly all of our "facts" and information from the MSM... aka, Propaganda Arm of the Leftists... and can't "think" past RepubliClown or DemoCrap choice.... even when our own and children/grandchildren's future is at risk.
  4. Personally, I'd like to see a "voter qualification" requirement... like either owning real estate or paying some minimum amount of Federal Income Tax. That tit-sucking parasites, who pay zero income tax.. yet get ever bigger social benefit checks for each and every illegitimate and fatherless child they spawn... have the same vote as a guy who pays $$Millions in Federal Income Tax.. is IMMORAL!! :mad: :mad:
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  6. If I were running this country, "social support" would be....

    1. You get a cot in a shelter + meals + medical care + if you need clothes, you get to shop at ARC, Good Will, Salvation Army, United Way...

    2. You have another kid? You get another cot. That's it. NOT a bigger monthly check... not a flat-screen TV... nor have your rent, utilities, and groceries, liquor, cigarettes subsidized by tax payers.

    If you want more in your life, then you go out and earn it for yourself.... and you wouldn't be allowed to "vote yourself more"..
  7. Of course that was the general system the Founders put in place. States, not the federal courts, were in charge of who could vote. Since the Founders had considerable wisdom and common sense, they had no intention of creating a direct democracy. Current events only prove their good judgment.
  8. We don't even really have a direct democracy. We wouldn't have obamacare if that were the case.

    Our lives are not governed all that differently than were the lives of the Israelites in the time of Christ. They had a three level system, composed of religious authorities, a king and the Roman legions.

    We have our elected local officials, who follow a system of quasi-religious law based on the tenets of Political Correctness. We have our national politicians, who pass on their offices through birthright, ie the Kennedys. We have our own Roman legions and pro consuls, in the form of the federal judiciary, an unelected, unaccountable group wielding supreme authority over every aspect of our lives. They are dispatched from a distant capital by our rulers to ensure compliance with the rules of the empire, and disobedience to their edicts will be met with brutal force.
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    Agreed, a little "skin" in the game would go along way.
  10. And what might that minimum be? Just enough to keep the underprivileged in their place and without a voice? But why stop there? Surely, in time, you'll find ways to further segregate those who cannot vote from those who can. Just don't let the nostalgia overwhelm you.
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