Tom Sosnoff

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  1. of tos fame.

    any opinions on this guy. He's always pumping options spread trades, but rarely discusses what real edge these might provide.

    we know the brokers love the strat.

    any idiot can trade spreads and win 1/2 the time.
  2. Hes been BULLISH on Financials for the last few weeks.


    Im always suspicious of gurus, that seem to make all of their money by selling YOU cheese.
  3. no one give a crap about tommy?
  4. he was bullish financials and bearish bonds.


    good thing he makes his money selling cheese to sukkers like u
  5. Lucrum


    Maybe no one gives a crap about YOU.
  6. Lucrum


  7. Does he always make a thread and be the only one that responds in it... or am I missing something?
  8. I've noticed that too.
  9. most of this stuff is over the heads of the tards now infesting et.

    that explain it 4 ya?
  10. Sir;

    You have effectively communicated your position to be perfectly in line with, or at least flush with, the opinions of the other active and posting members on the public forum posting site of about you.

    Given the nature of your previous post, it is unquestionably clear that you are what the other posting members are claiming you to be.

    soz, but wat u sed wuz t0tale ^ mi hed. 4 reel.

    Rick "The Man" (and You're Not).
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