Tom Reynolds (R-NY) Uses Small Children As Human Shields

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Oct 3, 2006.

    "In the fine tradition of George W. Bush standing under the "Mission Accomplished" sign, or any one of the Katrina backdrops (where no expense was spared to bring power to an area for a photo op, and then just as quickly cut off), we now have the head of the NRCC, Tom Reynolds, using small prop children as set decoration in a press conference devoted to the topic of…yes, predatory online sexual solicitation of minors."

    Even the reporters present could not contain themselves:
    This is really sick.
  2. Yeah I saw that today.
    Pretty pathetic using children as a prop while discussing a sexual preditor, imo.

    I wonder what political consultant came up with that brain storm.