Tom Demark TDST?

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  1. What software do I need to get the TDST trading system as shown in his book?
  2. Don't waste your time.


    Now, if you still want to get it, try this link

    You will see CQG listed as one of the contact numbers ...

    Good Luck
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    Bloomberg or CQG.

    What is TDST?

    I use SEQ and Combo.
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    I agree...don't waste your time.

    Ironic, the last copyright is:

    "Copyright©2003 Market Studies, Inc. - All Rights Reserved"

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    Typical Elite Penguin!

    Do you even know what they are?
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    Doesnt Demark's trading indicators center on his version(formula) for pivot points or is there more to it?...just curious since Ive never used them but always run into his name here and there.
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    His TD Pivots are one indicator I do not use, hop on a Bloomie and take a look at the SEQ and COMBO on longer term charts for currency.

    I sent you a PM.
  8. Now that you mention it, his Pivot Points are actually pretty good for letting you know what type of trading day you are in.

    But that count stuff ... I realized a long time ago, by the time one of his reversal trades had setup, I could have made money and left by just trading with the trend.

    Simple. :D
  9. I am attaching an Excel spreadsheet using the rules described in This spreadsheet simulates trading in SPY stock using daily price data.

    TDST reminds me of an overbought oversold oscillator.
  10. TD ST is simply the highest truehigh in a Sequential buy setup to watch for resistance or the lowest truelow in a Sequential sell setup to act as support, if the market reverses after either type setup.

    If you use TD Sequential or Combo, as I do, then there are another technique to observe. If not then there of no use.
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