Tom DeMark sequential trading system

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  1. Sure can count it off by hand....certainly the least expensive route....though a tad bit o'work!
  2. Surdo


    The only 3 ways to use it currently are:

    1. Bloomberg
    2. CQG
    3. Thompson
  3. Do you have the formula for it? Maybe I can forward it to Medved and he can put it on QT. Thanks!
  4. I thought he put the formula for it in his book Daytrading options written by him and his brother. Lots of charts with the countdowns laid out so the set-ups must be written out in there.
  5. Surdo


    The Formula is in his book, as well as the input values on TradeStation. The code is not available to copy.

    Just type in DeMark on Bloomberg!
  6. Quite a long time ago, a gentleman whose judgement I respect mentioned to me that there was considerable skepticsm about this (DeMark's) approach. Apparently some of the larger institutional firms tested the approach and found that "it sucked" (to put it delicately).

    Just a heads up.
  7. A couple of years ago I wrote a market screener for US stocks on EOD data. One of the many things I tried was the DeMark setup. I could find no edge at all and didn't see any reason to persue it any further.
  8. The common sense of trading: secrets for sale only keep the suckers going.