Tom Demark Sequential Indicator

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  1. Hey, was wondering if anyone have a version of this indicator for TS?

    if you do, could you please pm me !! =D

    thanks in advance.
  2. el surdo is one of the few (if only) guys around here who know how the demark sequential calculations work and how to use them.

    most of the other guys would rather just find a trend and trade it.
  3. so you are pretty familiar with this indicator as well?

    i would love to find a version for TS... not so that i can trade via this setup, but as some sort of confirmation. afterall, i think most indicators are meant for this..
  4. I'm familiar with it enough to know that I can't use it to trade.

    DeMark Analysis

    Bloomberg comes with a full set of DeMark indicators (according to an aritcle in the latest Trader Mothly - February/March 2008 edition), and if you "Google it" you can find out a ton of information.

    Now, how do I know so much about it after saying "I don't know anything about it"?:p

    I voraciously read everything related to trading that I come across, and so should you.

  5. These indicators look like an application of "gambler's fallacy".

  6. You could be right.

    I know I don't like'em, but like I said, Bloomie's got a full suite of 'em, so who the hell knows? :confused:
  7. IMHO, a complete waste of time. In fact I did waste some time backtesting this sequential thing a few years ago and reached the conclusion that it had no value at all.

    A conclusion I could probably have reached by applying a little common sense in the first place.
  8. yeah i found a few wealthlab scripts of the TD sequential indicator and the result of these trades are horrible.
  9. bt116


    Trader monthly article says that this guy demark works exclusively as a consultant for SAC.
  10. Yeah I read the same article ... I still can't make heads or tails of his system though.

    Hey, maybe there's something he isn't telling us! ... LOL :D
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