tom demark pivots

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  1. anybody using them?

    i would like to open up a discussion but only with ppl who really know and use them (i use them too).
  2. I found them less than reliable but then maybe I wasnt using them right? The book was crap as well but will sell at fair price to any who want to delve deeper

  3. even though the formula lacks a central pivot point per se, that value can be derived by dividing the x in the formula by 4.

    i've seen this level as being very accurate to say the least...

    anybody else gets this feeling?
  4. Nope


    Perhaps you could post some charts displaying their effectiveness with certain products?

    I use clusters of traditional pivots from different timeframes. I am interested in how Demark's work out.
  5. i only use the "central" pivot level which i consider to be "value" for the day and then i am looking for a TD Demand or Supply Line in the direction of my session-to-session bias.

    If you want i can post some charts with that level. It is usually close to the traditional central pivot point but to me it is more effective in using it as a breakout barrier.
  6. sometimes I use them ( TD pivots )

    but there are other pivots ( like those mentioned in MBF's book )

    that have a following too ...
  7. i personally don't trust the formulas for the support and resistance levels (whatever variation may be, classic, td, cama or woodie), but what i do trust is the central pivot because it expresses value and things get quite relevant in that area.

    I consider the TD x/4 level to be more relevant because when in an uptrend it shifts higher by adding an additional weight to the high of the previous day, so instead of (H+L+C)/3 it is actually (H+H+L+C)/4.

    Pullbacks can be shallow and might not reach the traditional central pivot, but it might just touch the TD Pivot.

    Otherwise, if i trade an overbought/oversold market i rely solely on chart patterns and TD Demand/Supply Line breaks for a return to "value" or the central pivot....

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    TD Sequential and TD Combo is all you need to know. All timeframes. Work out your entry rules in accordance and it's happy days!
  9. hey!

    uhm, am i using the x/4 as "value", where i look for trades, and the TD Demand/Supply Lines combined with the MACD Histogram (to confirm a line breakout; an upside breakout has to occur while MACD Histogram is positive). But the macd histogram can be replaced with a 3 SMA / 9 SMA crossover.

    i could be using only chart patterns with TD Lines and TD Pivots but intraday, there's just too much chop and i am a bit more mechanical.
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    I only use TD lines on daily charts really. Using TD sequential with RSI with a MA overlay on RSI is what works best for me. I used MACD with Hist for some time, but gave it up. Personally I can read the RSI with MA easier.
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