Tom Demark Indicator buy signal ?

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  1. hello fellow TA wizards ...

    can anyone else on elite trader who fully understands

    his work or some of it confirm if the dow index

    fired off a TD combo or sequential buy signal today
    or is close to doing so ?


  2. Hello Seth,

    Give me the the symbol and the time frame (daily, 60 min. etc.. bars) and I will be happy to.

    Almost all my trades use TD signals and while I am not a super trader I do understand and use both combo and seq.
  3. futures



  4. I guess I would like daily time frame please ...

    did not realize TD signals can work intraday

    I like to calculate is TD pivots when I can

    the give me a good idea of the daily range
    and support and resistance levels sometimes
  5. mike s

    mike s

    You can go to and use the TD indicator program they have there for free!

    Just pop in a symbol and there ya go...
  6. well it seems like it did not work last week
    if I am reading it right for the DIA

    oh well ...

  7. Just went to and it appears to work. Great tool from AT. I guess I will not be doing the work as its right there.

    Only wish it would provide seq signals from the whole market.

    anyone know who does?
  8. on at's site is it the wealthlab testing link?
  9. help! I need a way to run a scan for all stocks (greater avg volume than say 500K) that are TD Sequential buy and sell setups.

    Can someone recommend website that can run this scan, or do I need to run it in metastock or tradestation?

    Also I have access to a bloomberg terminal however right now the que search (qsrc?) feature from what I understand has not yet incorportated the demark indicators. Does anyone know a way to find the setups using a bloomberg? The rep I spoke with on the phone suggested I build a list of stocks and then go through them manually but that is going to take forever?

    If anyone is aware of a website or program that can easily generate a list of the setups, please post.

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