Tom Delay Vindicated By Appeals Court

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  1. Some of you may remember how Tom DeLay was pilloried by democrats as symbolic of republican corruption. DeLay was prosecuted by a highly partisan democrat district attorney in Austin, Texas, a notoriously liberal stain on an otherwise red state.

    DeLay's supposed crime involved a common if unsavory bit of political backscratching. Corporate donations are prohibited in Texas, as in many states. He was alleged to arrange for some friendly companies to donate to the RNC which in turn cut a check to the state party or an individual candidate, I forget which it was. At the time, I said the prosecution was unfair and even the Washington Post agreed with me as I recall.

    DeLay was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison, which fortunately was stayed pending appeal. His political career of course was ruined. Now the Texas appellate court has ruled that the facts did not constitute a crime and that the prosecution should never have even gone forward. DeLay is vindicated legally, but a once promising political career is ruined, plus he is out the costs of a defesne and appeal, plus having a prison snetence hanging over his head for a couple of years.

    This is the sort of political hardball democrats are good at. Republicans, for some reason, never seem able to pull it off. Consider that the democrats and media managed to make a big scandal out of Bush simply replacing a few U. S. Attorneys who were not cutting it. It's business as usual when a partisan DA does a Duke lacross case number on a prominent republican however.
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    The legislators need to put more teeth into malicious prosecution laws.

    We are seeing too many of these banana republic prosecutions.
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    I was glad to hear this news. Unfortunately, the damage has been done regarding Tom's career. The democrat party stands more for tyranny than democracy anymore, and this kind of shit proves it.
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    + 1,001

    Zimmerman comes to mind.
  5. I checked out the assistant DA comments , on CBN news when he was sentenced 3 years ago. The assistant DA was troubled because Tom Delay ''refused to show remorse for the offences he was convicted of ''LOL:D

    If the DA quoted him right??
    Tom Delay did admit to arrogance.
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    Mission Accomplished! Democrats use govt to screw over opposition. The US is a banana republic with a big world class military. How long is the world going to stand for this s#*t? That's my real question.

    Sarah Palin was investigated a dozen times. It led to the draining of her personal fortune so she quit the Alaskan Governor position. She was popular in her state but it's meaningless when one is unpopular with the Democratic machinery. Never mind what the voters want, the Democrats are in power, end of discussion. Democrats use the courts and the MSM a hell of a lot more than they use their brains. We owe ~$200 Trillion that we can never pay. Somehow the Fed Reserve is convinced it needs to keep on with the bailout even to the extent of negative interest rates for an extended period of time.

    I can't even dine with Democrats, they will throw punches at me, literally, if I disagree with their bollixed up s#*t.. they are power mad right down to the personal level.. weird, that..
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    Happened to Sen. Stevens in Alaska, helped get 60 votes for the senate:

    In 2008, Stevens was embroiled in a federal corruption trial as he ran for re-election to the Senate. He was found guilty, and eight days later was narrowly defeated at the polls.[5] Stevens is the most senior U.S. Senator to have ever lost a reelection bid. However, prior to sentencing, the indictment was dismissed—effectively vacating the conviction—when a Justice Department probe found evidence of gross prosecutorial misconduct.[6]
  8. You're right about that last part for sure. I have inlaws I cannot even talk to. You can't even be around them, because they won't leave politics alone, then they become belligerent or insulting if you don't agree with them. Some of them, the ones who live around DC, have apparently never encountered anyone who didn't hold liberal to far left views, and they are totally unprepared to deal with reasoned opposition. So they become frustrated and angry and of course the labelling is not far behind.
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    The problem is that when the pubs regain the power, they don't remove the dem operatives in jobs anywhere near as much as the dems do to pubs. They then come up with shit rules like the patriot act which the dems will immediately turn on their domestic political enemies when they regain power.

    I was ready to leave the republican party long before I actually did, and one of the reasons was because on the eve of my wife and I telling the GOP to fuck off, Delay came on a radio show, and I liked what he had to say. I stayed in the party several more years because of that. It really pissed me off the way those assholes went after him. Kangaroo courts and jury shopping. Tyranny, plain and simple.

    The current GOP (especially the leadership, if it can be called that), with the exception of Cruz, Lee, and a few others is a party of go along to get along pussies today. If Cruz or Paul or their equal is not on top of the ticket in 16, I'll be writing in my candidate or voting 3rd party. I'm never voting for a moderate or liberal pub again.

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    You and AAA may find them more amiable after O care fucks them in the keester. [​IMG]
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