Tom Delay is Done

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  1. Tom Delay anounced he will not run for congress again.

    Ya think he smells another indictment? Bastard.
  2. Now I here he's gettin out of Dodge. He's packin' his bags to leave Texas for Virginia.

    I've got a feelin' this is the lead-in to a bigger news event.

    Umm... smell like dog $hit...?

    Yah, smell like dog $hit.
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    Chalk one up for the people! Delay--- good riddance! The Republican party truly is in melt-down mode. (This from a real Republican.)
  4. I can only imagine (my dreams) of what the outcome of Abrahmoff's contributions to justice will be in the upcoming year.

    Hit the decks you crooked, congressional, corporate crony bastards.
  5. So ends the meteoric rise and fall of the pesticide applicator from Texas. :p

    "he decided last Wednesday, after months of prayer and contemplation"... sounds like what guys say when they change their plea to guilty. :p

    Look at what Boehner says about the cockoach:

    Representative John A. Boehner, the occasional DeLay rival who won the internal election to replace him as majority leader, on Monday called his predecessor one of the "most effective and gifted leaders the Republican party has ever known." :p

    I am now making the call for Republicans to lose both houses of Congress this fall. Voters will quietly enter the booths and empty their bladders on this party. :cool:

    And the Presidency is Al Gore's for the taking this time if he'll just get off his duff and run.
  6. NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- Former House of Representatives majority leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, facing a trial later this year on money-laundering charges, will be able to use reelection campaign funds for his legal expenses, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

    Beautiful :p
  7. Un-f$ckin' believable. :confused:
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    And we say other countries are corrupt.....
  9. Die scum bag die.....

    ....along with the rest of you poseur pukes.

    Reagan Republican

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