Tom Dashle Thinks You are an Idiot

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TGregg, Jan 20, 2004.

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    This joker just said that an increase in the cost of health insurance is some sort of stealth tax increase. I guess he figures that government collects all the revenues for industry (which is the way he wants it) or something.

    Next thing you know, he's gonna say that the rising price of SUVs is another stealth tax increase. And the falling price of computers is a stealth taxcut, worsening our budget deficit. I'd sure like a party that could challenge the GOP, but the Donkey's seem very confused.
  2. I guess Tom didn't get the memo that universal health care didn't pass.

    Kerry thinks Bush has been in office for 4 years.

    And Bush thinks reducing the deficit by 50% over the next 5 years would be a major accomplishment.

    Why don't these jokers get some real initiatives like term limits for Congress, and tort reform to actually reduce the cost of health insurance / health care?
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    Yeah, freaken Bush thinks holding the growth of the deficit to "just" double inflation (4%) is a huge goal. And all those thieves in Congress applauded. Geez.
  4. Reduce the deficit by 50% over the next 5 years ? There's a better chance of going to Mars in a hot air balloon than this happening.
  5. Bush may get to be the next Hoover.

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    A couple points, we had a huge asset bubble burst, greenspan dropped rates and flooded the markets with dollars. If George Bush had tried to balance the budget and cut spending you guys would be calling him and idiot for counteracting the brilliant policies of Greenspan. We loosened and spent our way out to avoid pulling a Japan. I think they should be commended not chastised.

    Two, as to that quote about Daschel. It proves the democrats think that all our money is really their tax money. He sees the insurance company taking the money he wanted in taxes. He was the former Senate Majority leader and it shows he is really a socialist and so is the party.
  7. Agreed,:cool: on first point. But, we are not out of the woods yet and may end up like Japan. 200+ billion spent on fraud for war would be better spend on domestic issues.:cool:

    second point, didn't catch Daschel's rants. no comment.:cool:
  8. George Bush is a war mongering cowboy and we the USA will be better off without him.
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    nvs - while I supported of the war I am concerned about the bill in lives and cash.

    I also agree we are not out of the woods yet.
  10. Rewind to 1996 when Bob Ruben and Alan Greenspan started an unprecedented increase in the money supply, which precipitated the bubble, which really took form starting in 1996. If they had not done this, the downside burst would not have been as bad. We still may have had a bear market and a decline in the economy, but nothing like what we did have. Greenspan is still trying to dig himself out of a hole of his and Ruben's making. He should be chucked by Bush but Bush likes the bull market that the latest round of dollar printing has produced. If inflation were a problem the US would be in some serious trouble right now. I expect that were it not for deflation, the US would currently be in the normal post bubble depression.
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