Tom Brady's Season Lasts 10 Minutes

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  1. Boston Hearlad and my radio station are telling us it's an ACL tear, he's out for the season and management is scrambling to find another QB.

    Boy I'm fit to be fken tied over this. :mad:

    Two things on my mind today - "deconditioned" & "pretty boy" :mad: :mad:
  2. TGregg


    Does he still carry a purse?
  3. Brady has started 127 straight games

    What is wrong with you?
  4. What's wrong with me is I'm not a nice person and I blame victims and I think you should play in preseason and if you tear an ACL in the first 10 minutes there better have been a cheap shot and an ambulance better have taken your ass away.

  5. Anyone noticed how pissed off Favre looked after the Jets game, even although they won. I think he was pissed at himself for coming out of retirement too early. He could have been getting a call from Bill this am. "Hey Brett, you wanna win a Superbowl?".

    Tough loss for our Pats 5287, but I must admit that I am actually looking forward to seeing how they do now, without Brady. We now have a QB who hasn't started a game since high school last century. Could they possibly be looking to lure Culpepper out of retirement to hook up with Moss again?
  6. Matt Cassel isn't chopped liver. Give the guy a chance just like Brady when he stepped in for Bledsoe.
  7. Not sure about the chopped liver part yet, but I do agree that he should be given a fair chance, both by the team and by the fans. I think the Pats are still good enough to buy some time to see if Cassel is up to the job as a starter.
  8. Are Da Bears back?! They embarrassed the Colts :( and Peyton looked like he needed an anti-depressant during the post-game interview.

    In all fairness to him though he is coming back from an injury himself, his tentativeness can be excused for a game or two.

    The bears Q-back (whatever his name is :) played a real C@@L game, and that rookie RB Forte looked like a star veteran. I think the Bears are BACK!

    Go COLTS!
  9. The Patriots will be fine this year... as long as Bellicheat invests in some smaller, more discreet video equipment.
  10. Farve throws a TD pass and Howie wants to give him keys to the kingdom.

    I am more impressed by GBs heir apparent!!

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