Tom Brady 158.3 passer rating on Thanksgiving.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Hello, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Tom Brady throws the NFL equivalent of a perfect game on thanksgiving, I would take him any day over peyton manning, and im not even a patriots fan.
  2. He's great but he was also playing the Lions :D
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    Dont get me wrong im not a fan of brady..... i was just speaking as to why he is better then peyton manning.
  4. I traded away Brady for Rivers in fantasy league...but I see similar results. Both are doing something with nothing (in terms of big name receivers). I always bitch about my team, Cutler (The Bears) having nothing to work with, then I'm reminded on a weekly basis that it can be done. I was a strong proponent of the Cutler trade a year+ ago, and haven't seen Jay do what Brady and Rivers have done. As of now, they are all in the same boat in terms of having average receivers and running backs, but I think Cutler has the worst o-line/pass protection between the three. We'll see, and I hope in the near future that Cutler can do what both Brady and Rivers (V-Jack suspended and Gates injured) have done with their offense. I think within a year, maybe two at the most (Cutler has had a different o-coordinator every year of his NFL career) we'll see if we can place Jay amongst the elite or simply just above average. I hope in Jay's case, it's that he has had similar early struggles like Manning, P. and Favre. It's yet to be seen.