Tom Alexander As A Trading Mentor?

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  1. Faker is probably too strong a term. I'm sure you trade. However, none of the material you covered was trading related. You basically restated what we already know from Dalton and Steidlemayer.

    Your seminar was sold as a market profile seminar to discuss how "professional traders" gain their edge in the market. I have been using MP for a couple of years and what you covered is what I have already read. Same old same old. You simply used the title to draw an audience and then you focused on things we already know (development, day types, rotation, key reference areas - singles, composites, etc). There was no discussion of the actual tactics of developing "the edge that professional traders have." There wasn't even a discussion of the statistical development of an edge using MP (which is needed to take trades in the market with confidence).

    I'm trading ES now and I am taking handles out of it. I don't do anything under the "guise" of helping others. I came across this thread and decided to give my honest opinion on it. I don't believe you provide value for the cost. It is great that you are taking the approach of developing a business plan and approaching trading as a business. That's a very important aspect. However, this is not what the seminar was advertised as and I clearly stated this during the review on the last day. In an interest to produce sales, you continue to charge more for the same stuff. That's your prerogative as it is mine to provide an opinion.

    I do apologize for any personal comments I have made about you. I will have those removed by the moderator.

    My opinion on your seminars still stands.
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  2. TomA


    Most others have a very different opinion. That's what makes a market.

    I'm not anonymous, I'm easily accessible, and I am confident any critically thinking person can do some homework outside our little repartee and come to a satisfactory conclusion, at least regarding the veracity of what I say.

    Tom Alexander
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  3. Tom... that was the point of the seminar. I'm not afraid of doing homework. The seminar sold itself as a "Trade how professionals trade market profile" seminar. That is not what it was. That is the point.

    Your anonimity or mine is not the point. The focus is the seminar's information quality and content. That is what my opinion is based on. It doesn't make a difference whether my name is at the bottom of every post or not. Many people here at ET know exactly who I am and I have provided a tremendous amount of guidance to many trying to make it here.

    Again, the personal comments posted early do not belong in this thread. I have requested their removal. My other points about the seminar still stand.
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